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About the Free Play Network

The Free Play Network believes that children need better opportunities for free play - at school, in public spaces and in their communities.

The Free Play Network

  • is a network of individuals and organisations committed to promoting free play opportunities for children
  • supports groups providing and developing free play opportunities
  • promotes free play principles and activities
  • works to counter the growing restrictions on children's play

Free Play Network members

  • are willing to share expertise, skills and experience with other play providers
  • work together to promote free play principles and to get the message heard
  • get support and advice from the Free Play Network team and from other members
  • are part of a movement that is changing the way people think about play
  • aim to build better play opportunities for this and the coming generation of children

Become a member of the Free Play Network

You can help support better play opportunities for children by joining the Free Play Network. It's free to join and members receive news and updates.

Contact the Free Play Network

You can contact the Free Play Network at:

129 Lancaster Road
New Barnet
07790 981 175
or by emailing nbutler at freeplaynetwork.org.uk

girl playing on railings

Free Play Network, 129 Lancaster Road, New Barnet, Hertfordshire, EN4 8AJ. Tel 07790 981 175.